A new beginning for Digi-Sports Canada

25 Jun 2024

Indeed, since 2024, Digi-Sports’ business strategy has been adapted to offer you more opportunities with the Interactive Wall. Now it’s possible to buy our Wall and become 100% owner. If you want to start your own business or expand your existing one, Digi-Sports makes it possible!

As part of this new dynamic, we have completely redesigned our website. More modern, trendy and colorful, this new site perfectly reflects our business strategy and our Digi-Sports identity.

Discover us through our new website

Our new website, accessible at digi-sports.ca, offers you an enriched experience with more information and content. You can also find out who’s behind Digi-Sports with a detailed presentation of our team and company history. Last but not least, this transparency strengthens our bond with our customers and enables them to share our values and vision.

team digi-sports

The Digi-Sports Canada site showcases our various themes accessible via the Interactive Wall: sports preparation, team building, entertainment, brand activation, festivals, alcohol and drug prevention, sport and health. Each theme is described in detail, to show you how the Interactive Wall can be integrated into and enrich your events, whatever the context or theme.

Our commitment is to customer satisfaction

Also, to meet the needs of our English-speaking audience, we collaborated with Agence Ricochet to translate our entire site into English. This initiative makes our services accessible to a wider audience, strengthening our position in the international market.

Another important aspect of our new site is the section dedicated to customer testimonials. This feedback demonstrates our commitment to providing a quality product and service to ensure customer satisfaction.

We invite you to discover our new Digi-Sports Canada website! Whether you’re interested in buying or renting the Interactive Wall, or simply curious to find out more about our company, our site is designed to answer all your questions.

Visit digi-sports.ca today and immerse yourself in our world. For more fun, don’t hesitate to contact us and follow our news on our YouTube channel.