Ariane Lehoux: Quebec City’s first Mur owner!

12 Jun 2024

Ariane Lehoux propriétaire

We are pleased to announce that Ariane Lehoux has become the owner of a Digi-Sports Wall! In fact, as the first owner of this innovative concept in Quebec City, Ariane has already been able to experience the Mur’s potential at the Coupe Charles-Bruneau.

The Digi-Sports Wall, accessible to all and designed to energize, brings fun and entertainment to any type of event. This interactive wall offers a variety of games, including reflex and memory games, captivating participants of all ages and making every event more interactive.


What is the Fondation Charles-Bruneau?

The mission of the Charles-Bruneau Foundation is to give all children with cancer the best possible chance of recovery by funding research and supporting the development of projects dedicated to pediatric hemato-oncology. “When I grow up, I’ll be cured! The Foundation owes this dream, shared by all children with cancer who are fighting to beat the disease, to young Charles Bruneau. In 1979, at the age of four, Charles was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, he has fought against the disease. Finally, the Fondation Charles-Bruneau says: “The road to a cancer-free childhood was his, and we’ve been following it ever since.”

To pay tribute to Charles-Bruneau, a great fan of field hockey and the Quebec Nordiques, the Foundation has organized the first edition of the Charles-Bruneau Cup, a festive and friendly ball field hockey tournament, to be held in 2021.


Charles Bruneau Cup

Ariane Lehoux tells us about her experience

“What an honour it was to help host the Charles-Bruneau Cup on May 25, which was attended by over 200 people! The Charles-Bruneau Foundation reached its fundraising target. For a first Digi-Sports event in Quebec City, we couldn’t have asked for more! The wall made many happy, from the youngest to the oldest! The most adept young players of reflex games have even renamed All but one the game of THE survival! Many have challenged themselves to achieve the highest score by playing… And they succeeded, sometimes with a bit of cheating, but always with a good understanding and team spirit.
The memory games were a big hit with many of the children, who spent the whole day replaying games against new opponents. The sun was out too!”

The sale of Mur Digi-Sports to Ariane Lehoux marks an important milestone for DIGI-SPORTS and for Quebec City. Ariane’s involvement in the Charles-Bruneau Cup not only brought joy and entertainment to participants, but also contributed to an important cause, supporting the Charles-Bruneau Foundation in its mission.

If you too would like to enrich and energize events near you, contact us. The Digi-Sports Wall is more than just entertainment, it’s a real communication tool that makes your events unforgettable. Discover it in action!