Brand activation – Telethon 🎥

8 Dec 2023

It’s vibrating on France.TV!

Optic 2000 captures the public’s attention with our interactive wall for the AFM-Téléthon * 🌟

🎿 Vincent GAUTHIER-MANUEL, multi-Paralympic ski champion, not only challenged the Digi-Sports Group interactive wall, but also shared in detail the benefits of this innovation in his career as a professional skier.

He demonstrated how this innovation can enrich the sporting experience, even for top-level athletes.

Whether as part of charitable partnerships such as the AFM-Téléthon or at the heart of the world’s biggest sporting events such as the Paris 2024 Olympics, our interactive wall creates unique and memorable experiences💙

Exclusive: we’ve developed new “Olympic” game programs specially developed for the PARIS 2024 Olympics! 🏅

Watch the excerpt broadcast on France.TV below 🌐

* As a reminder: the Telethon is a charity event held in many countries around the world to raise funds for medical research into genetic diseases, particularly rare diseases.