Formula 1 Grand Prix – Eaton Centre

13 Jun 2024

Grand Prix F1

For the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Montreal’s Eaton Centre offered visitors an immersive experience with a fan zone called “L’arrêt aux puits”. In fact, this exceptional event took place over five days full of thrills and interactive activities, enabling motor sport enthusiasts and everyone else to experience unforgettable moments.

The Grand Prix is a world-renowned event, attracting thousands of spectators and Formula 1 fans from all over the world. Set on Montreal’s Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve this year, this iconic competition features the world’s best drivers, vying for victory with speed and strategy.

“L’arrêt aux puits” the immersive fan zone

At the same time, the Eaton Centre has captured the spirit of Formula 1 by creating a unique atmosphere for its visitors. Among the activities on offer at “L’arrêt aux puits” were F1 simulators, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the heart of the action and experience the sensations of professional drivers. A photobooth was also on hand to immortalize these moments with themed props, adding a fun and memorable touch to the event.
Last but not least, the interactive Digi-Sports Wall gave visitors the chance to test their reflexes like the greatest Formula 1 drivers. In the end, our Wall was a real success, with some 4,500 participants over the five days, a flow of over 100 people per hour. The Digi-Sports Wall enabled players to challenge each other in this dynamic and friendly atmosphere.

We’re delighted to have contributed to the animation of this fan zone at the Eaton Centre for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and to have seen so many people challenge the Wall and their reflexes like the greatest drivers!

Finally, if you’d like to find out how the Digi-Sports Wall can energize your events and offer unique moments to your guests, don’t hesitate to contact us.