Behind the scenes of the 2nd “Influence Création” Gala

21 May 2024

The “Influence création” Gala, THE GATHERING of all Quebec content creators!

Indeed, the “Influence Création” Gala was such a success last year that they decided to hold a second edition this year. It’s an emblematic event, designed to recognize the excellence of Quebec content creators. It took place on May 4, 2024 at La TOHU in a crazy cabaret atmosphere.

Red carpet, awards ceremony, VIP afterparty: everything was in place for a memorable and unforgettable evening.
The joy, laughter, and lightness brought by the wall allowed all participants in this event to share some wonderful moments together.


The Digi-Sports interactive wall: the animation that energized the VIP afterparty!

Indeed, at the VIP afterparty, that’s where the real magic happened! Influencers challenged each other on the DIGI-SORTS Interactive Wall to set the track on fire! This interaction added a unique touch to an already outstanding event.
The duels were fierce. The participants really gave their all to win. None of them wanted to be beaten by their opponents. This competitive and dynamic atmosphere set the mood in the middle of the dancefloor.



Prize-giving ceremony

Some influencers received the winning title of the Digi-Sports Wall, in addition to receiving recognition for their work at the awards ceremony.

This year, content creators in 3 different categories were rewarded!

Main category

In this category, we find: Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, Humor & Entertainment, Sport & Fitness, Chef Foodie & Nutrition, Adventure & Travel, Family & Parenting, Artistic Expression, Education & Awareness.

Star category

In this category, we find: Streaming, Podcast, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Discovery category

Finally, in this category, we find: Streamers, Podcast makers, companies and creators.

The nominees in each category were selected according to some specific criteria. Quality of production and content, reputation and recognition in Quebec, statistical success and professional and social impact. Finally, the grand prize winners, recognized as the best influencers of the year in their category, were selected by public vote.


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