Revolutionize the car dealership experience with DIGI-SPORTS!

30 Jan 2024

Welcome to the future of car dealership animation!

We’re proud to present our innovative concept of interactive walls, designed to bring a playful and engaging touch to your space. Whether solo or in a team, our DIGI-SPORTS animation concept offers a unique experience that combines fun and challenge.

1. A variety of stimulating games :

Dive into a variety of games of reflexes, memory, skill and much more! Our interactive wall offers a range of entertainment to suit all tastes, ensuring that every visit to the dealership is a unique experience.

2. Activities for the general public :

From open houses and new model launches to holiday celebrations, our interactive wall can be adapted to any occasion. Offer your customers or staff memorable and entertaining moments, strengthening the bond between your dealership and your customers.

3. Playful brand activation :

Create positive, memorable memories by associating your brand with a fun experience. Our concept offers an innovative platform for promoting your dealership in an interactive and memorable way.

4. Addiction awareness :

Contribute to important causes by using our interactive wall as an awareness-raising tool. Organize activities dedicated to addiction prevention, demonstrating your dealership’s social commitment to the community.

5. Optimizing customer-commercial time :

Turn every moment in the dealership into an opportunity for positive interaction between your sales team and your customers. Our interactive wall is your best ally for keeping children occupied and maximizing time between salesperson and customer!

By integrating our DIGI-SPORTS concept into your car dealership, you offer your customers much more than just a visit. You create an immersive, memorable experience, reinforcing your dealership’s position as a must-see destination. Turn every interaction into an adventure, and let your dealership stand out with our innovative interactive wall concept.