The usefulness of the MUR in schools: entertainment, awareness-raising and sports activities

28 Jun 2024

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We live in a world where technology plays an increasingly important role. So it’s crucial to innovate to capture attention and encourage learning in a fun, interactive way. MUR is the perfect solution for schools. We offer a versatile tool that integrates easily into a variety of school events and activities. Here’s why the interactive wall is a valuable addition to schools, and how it can transform various school occasions and celebrations.

Entertaining and engaging students

The MUR is above all an inexhaustible source of entertainment! With competitive, classic and fun games (reflexes, memory, strategy, precision…), it captures the attention of students of all ages. For school celebrations or special days, the MUR can become the center of attention, making the event memorable for students and educational leaders alike. Whether it’s a 1-on-1 reflex duel, an all-student competition or a party, the possibilities are endless for entertaining while stimulating learning.

Awareness-raising and education

MUR can also play a crucial role in awareness-raising and education. It can be used to broadcast important messages on a variety of subjects, such as the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue. For example, a classic oral exchange on the dangers of alcohol consumption can be transformed into a pedagogical competition where students learn while having fun. All through glasses that mimic a state of inebriation. This interactive approach makes learning more attractive and effective.

Promoting physical activity

In a context where physical activity is essential for the development of young people (and not only), the MUR offers an innovative solution to encourage students to get moving. We can integrate physical exercise in the form of games, transforming sporting activity into a fun, playful experience. For example, an obstacle course preceding the WALL or a ball-throwing competition can motivate students to participate actively, contributing to their physical well-being.

Brand activation and partnerships

Schools can also take advantage of the MUR for brand activations and partnerships. Local businesses or sponsors can use a wall to promote their products or services in an engaging way. For example, a sports brand might organize a competition or product demonstrations on the wall, attracting the attention of students. This creates a trifecta where students benefit from enriching activities, sponsors reach their target audience and the MUR gains visibility.

Easy integration and customization

Finally, the MUR is extremely flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs of each school. It can be installed permanently in a sports hall or school corridor, or used temporarily for special events. The theme can also be customized according to the school’s wishes or objectives, guaranteeing optimal use.

This represents a major innovation for schools. It offers a multitude of benefits, from entertainment and awareness-raising to the promotion of physical activity. By integrating this tool, schools create a more dynamic and engaging learning environment. All while meeting the varied needs of students and partners. Investing in an interactive wall means investing in the future of education.

The MUR Digi-Sports Canada is a real tool, making your events unforgettable. See it in action! Don’t hesitate to contact us!